MELA is a Christian Faith Based Organization. All are welcome to participate with us. 
We provide Drug Testing and Counseling in East Los Angeles and surrounding cities.

MELA... Changing lives...Everyday

MELA Counseling Services Center is a 501©(3) non-profit organization providing services since 1993.  MELA was founded by Kathy Salazar, R.N., a former Mayor of the City of Montebello, CA. Kathy saw a need in the community for a substance abuse counseling service and took up the challenge to work with those who needed help.  Through The Business Connection, random drug testing is provided for the Department of Health Care Services and to employers which in turn, helps keep  their cost down and income up due to less absenteeism because of substance use.

MELA provides counseling services starting from age 12 years old and up.  MELA is located in Los Angeles and serves the surrounding cities.  MELA is funded by Los Angeles County Substance Abuse Prevention and Control (S.A.P.C.) and provides services for the Department of Children and Family Services, (D.C.F.S.), CalWorks, General Relief, the Probation and Parole offices, the Court System and private clients. MELA funding is provided by Medi-Cal, General Relief, CalWorks, and used a sliding scale fee for those who are in need of financial support.

Bible Study Class

MELA provides Bible Study classes for our clients each week for those who are interested in learning more about God's saving Grace by reading the Holy Bible and discussing the readings.   There is a new Bible Scripture read each week and there is good group participation in reading and sharing God's Word.  We know God loves us and the students are learning a deeper love of God's Mercy as they continue their readings.

Business Connection

Through the Business Connection Program, MELA provides random drug testing services to businesses who want to provide their customers with clean and sober employees in order to provide the services their clients expect. 

Business Connection Services include: 
      *Pre-Employment drug testing
      *Random Drug Testing
      *Post Accident testing
      *Reasonable Suspicion testing

MELA now provides MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES for the community with a marriage and family counselor.

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